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Aluminum Awnings 

Craft-Bilt began manufacturing Aluminum Awnings over 65 years ago, and today they are still one of our staple products. Do-It-Yourself Aluminum Awnings are simple and practical. These stationary awnings will help protect your windows and doors from the sun’s glare and they will keep you dry as you search for your keys in the rain.

We produce a variety of aluminum awning styles for specialty contractors as well as for the do-it-yourself market. Sixteen vibrant colors and a variety of designs have appeal for a wide variety of housing styles and commercial applications. With our daily focus on safety, quality, productivity, training and teamwork, we have built a reputation throughout the industry as an excellent awning manufacturer, maintaining our commitment to the Craft-Bilt tradition.


Aluminum Railings  

In addition to our aluminum awning products, Craft-Bilt also produces aluminum railings. With four color options and the ability to add glass or pickets, our railings are a great fit for any location! Protect your family by adding railing to the deck or the steps – and even add glass if you want to keep the view. Sturdy and reliable, aluminum and glass railing systems are ADA compliant and will add flair to any building or backyard.
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